Your industrial belt 'good helper' bring you: double-sided tooth polyurethane synchronous belt is introduced

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
We all learned in previous articles polyurethane synchronous belt can be divided into single tooth synchronous belt with double-sided tooth synchronous belt. Today Uliflex gentleman with you know about the polyurethane double-sided tooth synchronous belt. Polyurethane double-sided tooth synchronous belt is in the single tooth on the basis of the research and development, production and processing. Our research to date of double-sided tooth synchronous belt, has a long history. Double-sided tooth synchronous belt is the earliest prototype USES is the original grinding process double sided teeth, in the original synchronous belt products bring back more, on the basis of forming grinding wheel grinding out the approximate tooth shape; Status and information feedback from the user's use, this method of processing the double-sided tooth synchronous belt, there are many defects such as: short service life, wear-resisting, tooth stripping phenomenon is serious, mesh as well as the bad situation. Later in the cooperation with the relevant scientific research units, with support by domestic experts visit again to collect a large number of foreign belt related information, and visited a number of belt, senior experts, after solving the molding technology of double-sided tooth synchronous belt, vulcanization process and related supporting facilities such as research and development problems. The domestic research and development production of double-sided tooth synchronous belt technology mature gradually, the user reflect good, in competition with the same kind of products abroad, have clear price advantage. Uliflex production reversible polyurethane synchronous belt press belt tooth configuration can be divided into two kinds: one kind is toothed are symmetrically arranged on both sides, both sides is a toothed staggered arrangement; If according to pitch points and can be divided into: trapezoidal tooth gear polyurethane synchronous belt with double circular arc gear double-sided tooth polyurethane synchronous belt. Read the above words, whether you for double-sided tooth polyurethane synchronous with the idea? What other questions about the industrial belt are you want to know? Welcome message to consultant!
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