Yunnan drought test of transmission industry in China

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
In 2012 suddenly to a drought made of natural rubber in China is facing a harvest fell precipitously. Natural rubber has a strict requirements on climate. It likes the warm, wet climate and the temperature should be above 20 degrees, rainfall is rich, which makes it grows in tropical and subtropical areas. China's yunnan province is one of the largest natural rubber production in the province. The 2012 drought in southwest of our country caused serious influence. The drought water stress not only, still on the agricultural water caused more damage. Food production precipitously in succession, natural rubber is no exception. For many natural rubber as the main component of the transmission industry brought a major disaster. China's imports of natural rubber is big, and the drought is exacerbated by China's external demand. Yunnan drought is just rubber is ripe. Rubber cutting in there must be plenty of water, otherwise it will only reduce production. Natural rubber of supply and demand balance is broken, the price of rubber raw materials in the soaring. All related to rubber industry profits all fall, especially the synchronous belt transmission, the tire industry. Even many enterprises bear the rise in the price of raw materials began to collapse. Rising raw material costs to drive industry put forward the challenge of energy consumption. Enterprises must reform to reduce raw material consumption, otherwise will only fall into a vicious cycle of mire. Technology upgrades become numerous transmission industry's top priority. Entrepreneurs are the energy saving, which is the core of the technology research and development, is the enterprise production costs down. Under the influence of raw material prices, but also a synchronous belt transmission industry reshuffle. Only with energy saving production companies can profit under the natural disaster.
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