Precautions for drilling of PU steel wire imported

by:Uliflex     2020-09-24
There is a kind of PU timing belt in the imported industrial belt. The skeleton is steel wire. It will be difficult to handle when drilling. Generally, companies remove the steel wire that needs to be drilled. When the steel wire is drawn, there will be marks on the tooth surface, which is very unsightly and affects the industrial belt PU. For the strength of the timing belt, our company uses CNC machine tools, punching machines, hydraulic equipment, and laser equipment to drill. There is no need to remove the steel wire when drilling. The surface and inner side of the industrial belt hole are smooth and the steel wire strength can be guaranteed without leakage.

Imported industrial belt PU timing belt also has a wire rope skeleton. Drilling does not need to consider steel wire. It can also be drilled manually, but the incision is still better than mechanical equipment. Our equipment and technology for industrial belt drilling are compared.
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